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A.L. Patterson, Inc. Honors its 75 Year History and Legacy of Founder by Rebranding to ALP Supply

Michael Neil, Executive Vice President, Marketing
ALP Supply / A.L. Patterson, Inc.
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FAIRLESS HILLS, PA, March 1, 2017 — A.L. Patterson, Inc., the leading “single source supplier” to producers of precast and prestress concrete products, announces it has evolved its brand and has changed its name to ALP Supply.

ALP Supply reflects our company’s heritage and pays homage to founder Albert Lester Patterson. Patterson was known as the first prestressed strand salesman in America. Over 75 years ago, Patterson started his career at Roebling Wire which introduced the new technology of prestress strand in the United States. He traveled the country and helped precast manufacturers expand their business by educating them on how to produce prestress products. In 1972, Patterson founded his own business distributing products to manufactured concrete producers and contractors.

Since that time, the company has evolved from a regional distributor to a leading national manufacturer and supplier. The familiar “ALP” stamp found on the products engineered and manufactured by the company honors the legacy of A.L. Patterson to its thousands of customers.

“Our commitment is to be a critical partner for our precast and prestress customers, helping them improve their bottom line by offering the highest quality products, innovative and practical engineering solutions, ease of doing business, and exceptional customer service,” said Chief Executive Officer, Barry Fleck.

“This is more than just a brand name change. We are simplifying our experience,” said Fleck.

“The new name, logo and presence streamlines how we do business and provides a consistent identity to our customers,” said Christian Rescate, Chief Operating Officer.

“The evolution to ALP Supply represents our key values geared to provide an unmatched level of personal service found only in privately-owned, family-based businesses. This is combined with advanced technological capabilities focused on serving our customer’s needs,” said Rescate.

ALP Supply demonstrates the company’s broad and growing product inventory, its engineering and technical solutions center and its drive to provide exceptional customer service.
For more information, visit:

About ALP Supply
ALP Supply is a leading national manufacturer and supplier to producers of manufactured concrete products. The company has a 75-year heritage supporting the precast and prestress industries. With distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada and Texas, combined with a 24/7 e-commerce website, ALP Supply provides 1-to-2 day delivery, an engineering solutions center and an unparalleled ease of doing business. The company is headquartered in the Keystone Industrial Port Complex located in Fairless Hills, PA.


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We’re growing and seeking the next amazing person to join the A.L. Patterson family. Read below for more information.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume to:


For over 40 years, A.L. Patterson has provided a one-stop shop for manufacturers of concrete products for steel lifting/reinforcement systems and architectural materials. We are a leader and innovator in the industry and are well-respected for our product quality, engineering solutions and customer service.

A.L. Patterson boasts an atmosphere of family, comradery and meaningful opportunities. In fact, many of our employees have spent over 10+ years with us. We emphasize community, fitness and personal growth. Our headquarters in Bucks County free parking, provides a stocked community kitchen, gym/locker room and weekly workouts with a personal trainer. Summer BBQs, holiday parties and celebrations are part of the norm. As part of the A.L. Patterson team, full benefits (medical/vision/dental) are offered along with a 401k plan and corporate profit-sharing plan.

After an expansion to a fifth distribution center, the position of Purchasing & Inventory Assistant was created to assist the Purchasing Department in maintaining efficiency of operations. The Purchasing & Inventory Assistant is responsible for supporting the Purchasing Department with tasks related to purchasing, inventory and database management, warehousing and logistics. This person will report directly to the Purchasing Manager. This is a full-time position. M-F, 8AM – 5PM.

• Create Purchase Orders for stocked inventory
• Submit Purchase Orders to vendors
• Track fulfillment of Purchase Orders
• Follow-up with vendors for PO acknowledgements and lead time confirmation
• Update ERP system data as pertains to Updates to: existing product information, new product setup, price list updates, updating warehouse batch number reference
• Enter overseas container manifests for tracking
• Receive purchased material into stock
• Perform regular maintenance to ensure accurate stock levels across 3PL warehouse locations
• Perform audits against 3PL warehouse invoices

• Bachelor’s Degree and/or equivalent work experience
• Strong organizational skills with the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
• Must be proficient in Excel
• Previous experience with ERP and data management systems preferred
• Must have a knack for detail and dedication to organization and accuracy
• Must be process-oriented, but willing to take on a variety of tasks

• Character — Exhibits integrity, professionalism, practical judgment, and a positive attitude; demonstrates perseverance and initiative when facing problems and challenges; must be able to take direction and accept constructive criticism.
• Results-oriented—Able to make timely or planned decisions appropriate to the circumstances or situation.
• Teamwork—Self-starter but also effective as a member of a team
• Organizational ability—Can organize resources to prioritize and get projects completed; and has a strong ability to keep order in a fast-paced work environment.

• Competitive salary
• 401k w/profit sharing
• Medical, with up to 90% health insurance premium paid
• Dental/Vision/Disability

A.L Patterson, Inc
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Patterson has been a top supplier in the precast/prestressed industry for over four decades.  After years of offering same day service, excellent customer interaction and supplying our growing customer base, it was time for Patterson to expand. CEO Barry Fleck wanted a building that exposed Patterson’s abiding dedication to the industry and precast was the answer.  In 2007, the new Patterson headquarters broke ground in the middle of winter to start the erection of its current 31,000 sq. ft. building. When it comes to precast, weather conditions are no barrier; the walls were up in less than two weeks. Built to environmental standards and constructed to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Deign) certified, nine years later the building is still maintenance free and its benefits are unchallenged.

Our precast building has a lot to show off and be proud about.  We didn’t just stop at retaining walls and prestressed insulated wall panels.  The building holds precast manholes, pipe, a 20,000 gallon holding tank for the sprinkler system, box culverts, precast steps, benches, and our BBQ cooking wall with thin-set brick detail (where all the famous ALP BBQ’s take place).  To put it briefly, our building is pretty cool, especially in the summer!

precast booth
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This years Precast Show took place in Nashville, TN and wow what a town. The Gaylord Opryland Resort was filled with exhibitors and attendees ready to absorb all the different wonders of the concrete world. Filling a 20×20 space in the middle of aisle 800 was your very own Single Source Supplier, A.L. Patterson along with Nycon and Kraft Curing.

How to dominate your space and captivate your audience? A talk of the show triangle backdrop accented by three informational booths, a sharp team, and top it off with a spinning sign nice and high so everyone in every direction can see your brand! Check out our pictures below. The PCI and NPCA partnered together this year making the 2016 Precast Show a big success and Patterson is always happy to be part of it. With PCI and NPCA’s partnership we have no doubt that the 2017 Precast Show in Cleveland, OH holds great things!

3d Printer photo
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Paving the way and changing the way we invent! We are excited to introduce a new addition to the ALP Team. Our Markerbot 3D Printer!  3D Printing is a process in which a printer transmits a digital design into a tangible model, therefore creating a professional, high quality, and realistic prototype.  This makes it possible for our engineers to not only see but also touch their designs.

Bringing a prototype into play at the beginning stages in the development process allows more time for customization.  Our engineers can save and review individual files, which allows them to go back and make specific adjustments reducing product and development costs.  Our Makerbot 3D Printer cuts down on the time that is required to build and test models by hand.  This results in less waste, less energy, rapid prototyping and more fun. To keep up with our more efficient product development cycle we had some time to experiment with some enjoyable designs.  In the spirit of Halloween

3D Skull

Happy Halloween!

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Thanks to our friends at Gainey’s Concrete Products, we’re happy to share this video of Skip Francies’s Lifting Session. Skip reviewed safe working loads and how they are calculated, lifting equipment and transfer of load, placement and use of inserts/hardware as well as the basic dynamics of lifting.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about lifting and handling at your own plant or place of work. Just give us a call or send an email and we’ll be sure to have one of our engineers get in touch with you and answer your inquiry.


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Once upon a time, the sea lions at the 17th Street Dock in Astoria, Oregon caused a real uproar! In an article published by KOIN 6 news last year, it was reported that the estimated 1,600 sea lions that came to sunbathe at the port continuously break  “water lines, electrical lines [and] dock connections” costing the port somewhere around $100,000 to fix and maintain. With the original dock made of timber, it’s no wonder the repairs were needed! The structure needed to be accessed by Coast Guard ships in need of refueling as well as forklifts and cranes used to access and repair ships.

The solution? Precast. Precast deck panels were made, saving lots of time and helping the port to meet their project deadline. In an article written Sarah Fister Gale for the PCI Journal, she says, “The newly completed dock features 125 precast concrete deck panels on steel piles”. The up-to 1,000 lb sea lions now have a place they can sunbathe without breaking the port’s bank that just so happens to help the incoming ships’ needs.

Image & information taken from:

Sources: & PCI Journal (Jan-Feb 2015 Edition)

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We are excited to share Kraft Curing’s commercial on Concrete.Tv! The video reviews Kraft’s custom curing solutions that deal with the typical challenges of precast concrete production, improving product properties while saving cement and speeding up production cycles. You also get a chance to “meet” Michael Kraft, Managing Director of Kraft Curing Systems GmbH in Germany. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

Big Precast Concrete Water Bottle
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The next time you’re in Las Vegas, NV and you start to feel parched – fear not – The Water Bottle is there to save the day!

Created from a two-piece precast form, The Water Bottle stands tall at 15’ 1” and offers visitors a chance to fill up their water jugs for a small fee. The ginormous thirst quencher was brought to life by Marks Metal Technology (who created the mold for the project). Marks Metal joined forces with Rockway Precast and with their combined efforts, they were able to take steal bars, create the exterior shape of the bottle and cast a two-piece form. The result was a giant replica of your average 5-gallon water jug.

The giant Water Bottle made its debut in 2011 and due to its success; the plan is to add 15 to 20 more Water Bottles in Last Vegas and Phoenix.

For more information, visit Concrete Products at or click here for the full story.

Photos from: Concrete Products

Tuff-Mix Slab
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In 2011, a steel recycling company asked Nycon to provide a solution for a longer lasting, more durable concrete for the company’s heavy-duty roads and scrap pads. The plant’s scrap pads are the most abused areas where scrap steel is received in dump trailers or rail cars. Once received, the scrap is off-loaded and pushed into stockpiles, waiting to be loaded into hoppers and transported to the steel processing plant. The plant scrap pads are required to endure tremendous abuse including supporting 300 ton scrap melt hoppers, 100 ton Lift- King wheel loads, and impact from falling scrap steel as well as abrasion from scraping, pushing and loading equipment. Due to the around-the-clock abuse, the plant’s usual concrete mix and scrap pad designs were not holding up well. The scrap pads failed quickly after being placed into service with cracks, depressions, gouges and scraping wear so intense that failures included abrasion-exposed rebar which would puncture tires and require constant maintenance.

Typically, the scrap pads would only survive about eighteen (18) months before requiring complete rehabilitation. Clearly, the company’s scrap pad areas needed a super heavy-duty slab made from a new concrete mix capable of enduring the tremendous abuse. Moreover, since the facility operates 24/7, a new concrete mix needed to be made, cast-in-place and be ready for the heavy traffic and abuse within one week. The steel recycling company wanted the extreme, heavy-duty concrete to have improved impact and abrasion resistance as well as increased life to avoid disruption to the plant operations and improve their return on investment.

The solution developed by Nycon was TUFF-MIX™. The new, super heavy-duty slab design requirement was 18” (45cm) thick to endure the plant’s 300-ton 4-point load scrap melt hoppers and the 100-ton wheel load Lift-King equipment.

The TUFF-MIX™ design included one layer of steel reinforcing bars placed 4 inches (10cm) up from the bottom of the slab as well as dowelled construction joints. The Nycon design did not require any steel reinforcing bars on the top section of the slab. The TUFF-MIX™ mix design is a high performance, low water/cement ratio concrete made with a blend of two Nycon-PVA fibers that requires standard QC placement techniques, control joints and proper cast-in-place curing.

The project design for making the TUFF-MIX™ included developing a low water/cement ratio, high strength mix including production of a trial batch at the ready-mix producer’s plant. The trial TUFF-MIX™ made with the Nycon-PVA blend was sampled and attained 3,000 psi (21 MPa) in 3-days, 5,000 psi (35 MPa) in 7-days and 9,000 psi (62 MPa) in 28-days. The TUFF-MIX™ trial batch was also cast-in-place into a small area to allow finishing crew an opportunity to work with the new mix design.

Once the trial TUFF-MIX™ slab was placed into service and load-tested, the steel recycling plant asked the concrete contractor and ready-mix supplier to proceed with construction of the 40,000 SF TUFF-MIX™ scrap pad. The plan included a staged construction schedule for the contractor to 1) demolish one-third of the old concrete slab, 2) excavate the base and sub-grade to the proper depth, 3) place a well compacted crusher-run base, 4) build forms and install the fine aggregate slip layer, 5) install the steel rebar 4” (10 cm) up from bottom-of-slab and 6) insert the dowel bars to prepare for the first of the three-sections pours.

The super heavy-duty TUFF-MIX™ was batched at a concrete plant into 10 CY transit-mix trucks with pre-water and admixtures which then rotated at full mixing speed for four (4) minutes prior to adding the two Nycon-PVA fibers. The concrete plant used a portable belt conveyor to charge the transit mix trucks with the dose of the two Nycon- PVA fibers while the trucks were rotated at slow mixing speed to assure fiber dispersion.

The transit mix trucks were then dosed with the final trim water and rotated at full mixing speed for four (4) more minutes to complete the mixing cycle. The TUFF-MIX™ was sampled and tested by QC at the plant prior to departure for the scrap pad construction site. The mix was routinely tested to confirm the slump range of 5” to 7” (12cm to 17cm), an air content of 2% to 4% and a unit weight of 155 lb/cf.

Upon completion and proper curing of each of the three sections, the recycling plant moved all operations onto the newly constructed TUFF-MIX™ scrap pad. The new TUFF-MIX™ slab offered operations the opportunity to improve efficiency by providing a well constructed super-heavy-duty area for loading the 300 ton 4-point load melt hoppers and for the full hoppers to be easily and quickly captured and transported by the Lift-King tractors.

During production and placement of the new TUFF-MIX™ slab, extra test cylinders, beams and panels were cast for comparison testing. The samples were sent to an independent testing laboratory for curing and testing. Tests were performed on the cylinders, beams and panels to compare a normal performance 4 ksi (28 MPa) concrete mix to the TUFF-MIX™ mix made with and without the blend of Nycon-PVA fibers. The testing was performed to confirm the dramatic resistance to failure provided by TUFF-MIX™, as well as the significant improvement to toughness, impact and abrasion resistance.

Nycon-PVA fibers are the only fiber that develops a molecular bond to concrete, which is activated when the PVA fiber comes into contact with the elevated pH alkalinity of the concrete paste. The Nycon-PVA fiber unique molecular bond to the cement paste provides the dramatic improvement to the concrete without any loss of compressive strength. After two years of constant use, the new TUFF-MIX™ at the steel recycling plant has no cracks, displacement, gouges or deformation compared to previous slabs which began to fail within two to three weeks.

The independent testing laboratory performed tests on the samples made at the plant and project site. All the samples were tested immediately upon completion of the 3, 7 and 28-days of curing.

Patterson remains focused on expanding our offering through acquisitions and partnerships which include Nycon Corporation for reinforcement fibers and Kraft Curing Systems, Inc., the global leading manufacturer of concrete curing systems. It is through these partnerships that Patterson remains the largest single source supplier in North America to precast and prestress producers. For more information on Nycon reinforcing fibers, visit or call toll free: 1-800-456-9266