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In the MIT Sloan Management Review article, Increasing Supplier-Driven Innovation, John W. Henke and Chun Zhang, write that “when customers collaborate with suppliers they can reduce relational stress, and increase innovation-related activities.”

The ALP Supply Regional Sales Managers, Inside Sales Technicians and Technical Solutions Team are all responsible for building strong customer relationships. Read more →

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Written by Carter Colehower, Marketing Intern, ALP Supply

Concrete is not limited to the construction of buildings, bridges, or infrastructure. Concrete is a science, with different mixture types for different applications and projects, encompassing various mixture ingredients and techniques.

If constructing a concrete building is impressive, then imagine constructing a concrete canoe that defies popular belief and floats. Read more →

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A True MacGyver

John has lived in Yardley, Pennsylvania for 18 years with his wife and two sons (now grown). His neighbors call him MacGyver – all due to his love for building, tinkering and fixing just about anything. Read more →

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Like father, like son

Following in the footsteps of his father, Jim’s passion for building started with his first set of Lincoln Logs.  Jim was lucky to have a father who was skilled in masonry and carpentry and would work alongside him at various construction sites. Because of his hands-on experience and knowledge in concrete, architecture and design Jim was managing his own mason crew at the early age of 18.

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For the past six years, there has been a steady increase in the precast concrete industry. According to research conducted by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), they expect growth in overall sales to increase to almost $24 billion in 2017.


“The opportunities look quite positive for continued growth in the coming years,” said Ty Gable, NPCA president.

The versatility of precast concrete is one of the primary reasons for this growth. Historically, precast concrete products were primarily used in nonresidential structures. With innovative approaches to manufacturing, precast is making its way into residential construction markets as well as deepening ties to transportation and other infrastructure projects.

With a 45-year history serving the precast industry, we continue to support this growth. It is our responsibility to give our industry more. More value, quality, service, and products.

For example:

  • ALP Supply’s Technical Solutions Center provides in-depth knowledge for producers to overcome the real-life, challenges they face daily
  • Providing innovative products such as X-Cord® and Isoflex® bearing pads, GFRP rebar and the MC-Alignment Connector
  • Active participation in national and local associations and events

Click here to read more about the NPCA study



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Gate Precast wins PCI Award for innovative townhouse project using ultra high-performance precast concrete reinforced with PVA fibers.

When Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is reinforced with PVA fibers, the result is an unequaled solution for strength, durability and aesthetics in a wide variety of applications. These include demanding engineering structures such as bridges, walkways, roofs and stairs and creative architectural concrete designs including walls, lattice, furniture, art and other components.

UHPC was first developed in the 1980s by European manufacturers for construction requiring exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Since that time, UHPC has found uses in iconic buildings, structures and works of arts across the globe. The features of UHPC are extended when combined with fiber reinforcement. A frequently used fiber with UHPC is poly-vinyl alcohol, or PVA.

Unique Fiber Properties

PVA fibers are unique in their ability to create a fully-engaged molecular bond with concrete that is 300% greater than that of other fibers. PVA improves the impact, shatter and abrasion resistance of concrete. In applications requiring thin profiles, PVA is the optimal fiber solution providing multidimensional support along with enhanced durability and toughness.

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 Drew Artin – Inside Sales Tech

A business is as strong as its employees

Ever wonder…

“Who is on the other side of the phone when calling ALP Supply?”

There is an extraordinary team and we want you to know us.

Get to know our employees who:

• answer your call
• conduct quality testing of the products ordered by your company
• drive across the country to visit your plant
• process, execute and ship your order.

ALP Supply is more than just our company name. We are a broader community within the world of concrete and invite you to join us.

Look to this blog and our social media channels to learn about the fascinating people and personalities behind ALP Supply.

Get to know: Drew Artin – Inside Sales Tech

Pick up the stick
Drew started playing lacrosse in 3rd grade and was fortunate enough to play through high school and college. He loves the skill, strategy and competitiveness of the game.

As a Division I student-athlete, Drew began his leadership roles as captain of the lacrosse team at the University of Mississippi and as a college coach.

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He’s On Vacation?

Recommended best practices when placing an order. Read how to get it quickly processed and shipped.

As we kick off the summer busy season, we’re thrilled you’ve selected ALP Supply as a key partner.

To make sure you receive your orders on time, all the time, do not directly email your sales representative. They may be on the road travelling, out to lunch, or even on vacation.

On vacation - cannot get email here

On vacation – cannot get email here

We guarantee your order is quickly processed when you follow one of these best practices:

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Get the Correct Hardware, Every Time

Although we focus on serving and supplying precasters/prestressers at the plant level, we also receive calls from erectors and contractors who are working with precast elements at the jobsite. Often, they are looking for the lifting apparatus to lift a piece that has been fabricated using either our Lifting Pin or QuikLift™ anchors, but they are not sure which size lifting hardware is required for their particular application.

A Common Misconception

A common misconception is that the overall weight of the precast piece will dictate which size Lifting Eye (for Lifting Pin) or Ring Clutch (for QuikLift™) is needed, as these are referred to by their rated capacity (1T, 2T, 4T, 8T, 20T), however, that is not necessarily the case. The proper Eye/Clutch is determined by the actual anchor that the precaster has embedded in the element in question, and there are several methods to determine that answer. The most common way is to contact the manufacturer and ask which specific anchor was used in the precast component, but that is not always possible, especially on a piece that has been in place for some time.

A Reliable Solution

There is another reliable method, and that is to measure the void left by the recess in the casting process, which is the area around the anchor where the Eye/Clutch will engage:

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ALP Supply Marketing InternWe are seeking an enthusiastic intern to join our marketing department and offer creative ideas and a “get-your-hands-dirty” work ethic to help achieve our goals. This internship will have administrative, creative and operational duties. Expect to collaborate with our marketing team on a variety of campaigns including events, print and digital.

This paid internship will help the right person acquire and strengthen their marketing skills, provide knowledge of various marketing strategies and gain broad experience in the industrial distribution space.

For over 40 years, ALP Supply has provided a one-stop shop for manufacturers of concrete products for steel lifting/reinforcement systems and architectural materials. We are a leader and innovator in the industry and are well-respected for our product quality, engineering solutions and customer service.

ALP Supply boasts an atmosphere of family, comradery and meaningful opportunities. In fact, many of our employees have spent over 10+ years with us. We emphasize community, fitness and personal growth. Our headquarters in Bucks County provides a stocked community kitchen, gym/locker room and weekly workouts with a personal trainer. Summer BBQs, holiday parties and celebrations are part of the norm.

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