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The QUIKLIFT™ 2-Hole Anchor is an economical option for achieving high-tension loads in thin panels or low compressive strength concrete. The 2-Hole Anchor has a secondary hole and requires a tension bar provided by the precaster to achieve its loads in concrete. These anchors are commonly used in the top edge of a wall panel that stays in the vertical position from casting all the way to erecting.

The QUIKLIFT™ Split Foot Anchor is used for back-stripping and edge lifting in thicker panels. They achieve its loads in concrete with its bent legs. These versatile anchors are commonly used in slabs/panels due to the capacities and low cost. By maintaining the minimum edge distance (1.5 times anchor length) these anchors can handle shear loads equal to the tension loads listed in the in the Patterson Catalog when installed in the face of the concrete.

The QUIKLIFT™ L-Anchor has a single leg and is used most commonly in MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) panels. MSE Panels are a precast concrete wall system used for highway walls, highway overpasses, bridges and dams

The QUIKLIFT™ Tech-Anchors have a unique foot design that allows the anchor to fit in congested, reinforced areas and are commonly used to back-strip a panel from the form. This anchor also has a secondary reinforcing hole that can be used if a tension bar is required.

The QUIKLIFT™ T-Bar Anchors are designed to maximize tension capacities in concrete by using a solid steel bar, placed horizontally through the bottom of the anchor. The compact design comes in a variety of lengths and can be wet-set, further improving its versatility and east of use. Designed for surface applications, this anchor is used to back-strip panels from forms. Shear capacity allows T-Bar Anchors to be used for rotation to vertical.

The QUIKLIFT™ Plate Anchor is designed with a large plate welded onto the bottom of the anchor, which allows rebar to sit on the plate to achieve the full load of the anchor. This design allows for high capacity in low-profile applications. See our Patterson Catalog for more information on rebar placement with the Plate Anchor.

In addition to QUIKLIFT™ Slab Style Anchors , Patterson supplies the precast/prestressed industry with various other lifting anchor systems, coil and ferrule inserts, rebar supports and slab bolster, coil nuts/bolts/rod, chamfer, chemicals, strand chucks, reinforcing fibers, wire ties / rebar ties, architectural finishes and more.

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