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NPCA's Precast University Master Precaster Graduating Class of 2018

Master Precaster Graduating Class of 2018

NPCA’s Precast University offers the Master Precaster certificate program which is designed to broaden employees’ knowledge in the precast concrete industry. Students study precast and prestress-specific training with education courses for production, safety, technical, quality control and leadership. The graduating classes are awarded at the Precast Show. This year ALP Supply is proud to announce our East Coast Regional Sales Manager, Mark Ronning, was part of the graduating class of 2018 in Denver, CO.

We asked Mark to share his experience with us:

Mark Ronning Regional Sales Manager

Mark Ronning Regional Sales Manager

These courses have allowed me to bring more value to my customers by deepening my knowledge of the precast production process. I have never poured a cubic yard of concrete in my life and I believe most associates are in the same boat. Having a better understanding of what my customers do allows me to better serve them. Besides being an expert in what I sell, I’m now more aware of the many other factors that make up the big picture that is precast. If you are able to understand all of your customer’s challenges, then you become a valuable resource and a better partner to them.

The past 3 years Mark has shown us that he takes great pride in his work and puts his customer first. We look forward to watching him flourish within the precast concrete industry.