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The Journey Begins

Ken believes every step you take is a journey to something better. Originally from Bucks County, PA, he moved to Huntsville, TX where he earned his BA in Marketing & Sales from Sam Houston State University. Before settling in Nevada, Ken was a U.S. Navy Seabee from 1969-1973 where he took part in building Diego Garcia’s naval and military base. During this journey, he met and fell in love with the Colonel’s daughter. They happily reside in Henderson, NV with their four daughters and five grandchildren. In his spare time, he can be found working on his 1956 Ford pick-up truck. Ken says, “Gutting and rebuilding old cars has always been a passion of mine. It takes precision and attention to detail to get the car back together again.”

The Precast Life

Ken started his career in precast in 1988 working at a vapor energy company called Kraft Energy Systems (predecessor to our own Kraft Curing Systems) as a sales manager. Soon after, he joined Florida Wire & Cable and became a representative specializing in prestressing strand sales enjoying many years in the field and developing important relationships. Ken’s time with FWC gave him an in-depth understanding of handling strand, and a particular insight into a prestresser’s needs and requirements. In 2013 Ken joined the ALP Supply team and brought with him his incredible knowledge in prestress strand and chucks.  He is a valuable asset to our team providing our customers with solutions to their procedures and continuing to build unbreakable relationships.


When we asked Ken what exciting trips he has planned, his response was, “Planning a trip to see my customers.” Instead of the typical answers of travel and vacations, once again Ken puts his customers first. His resourcefulness and caring nature brings a one-of-a-kind experience to our customers.  He has been on the PCI PC Pavement Committee for 10 years and Chairman for two.  Ken is proactive in spreading safety awareness, especially where it concerns the use of prestressing chucks. Ken says, “When handling prestressing chucks, the little details matter…when they let go, it’s scary.” Throughout the year, Ken leads seminars to promote chuck safety and maintenance.  A guide for their use is available from ALP Supply upon request.

A Fun and Interesting Fact

Ken was not the quiet one growing up. Along with his twin brother Barry, Ken played guitar in a band called “TR5″.  The band toured the Tri-state (PA/NJ/DE) area for five years, and even recorded a record!  We took the liberty to search for these tracks, which you can listen to and download here.

ALP Supply is proud to have Ken Fleck as part of the team.

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