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 Drew Artin – Inside Sales Tech

A business is as strong as its employees

Ever wonder…

“Who is on the other side of the phone when calling ALP Supply?”

There is an extraordinary team and we want you to know us.

Get to know our employees who:

• answer your call
• conduct quality testing of the products ordered by your company
• drive across the country to visit your plant
• process, execute and ship your order.

ALP Supply is more than just our company name. We are a broader community within the world of concrete and invite you to join us.

Look to this blog and our social media channels to learn about the fascinating people and personalities behind ALP Supply.

Get to know: Drew Artin – Inside Sales Tech

Pick up the stick
Drew started playing lacrosse in 3rd grade and was fortunate enough to play through high school and college. He loves the skill, strategy and competitiveness of the game.

As a Division I student-athlete, Drew began his leadership roles as captain of the lacrosse team at the University of Mississippi and as a college coach.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Education, Drew followed his passion for sports and started the first youth lacrosse program in the state of Mississippi. Drew found opportunities to educate, train and adapt to the evolving needs of the community and the speed of the game.

“I find it very rewarding to see the players grow and help them be successful on and off the field. It’s great to win games, but to know I’ve made a positive impact on a player’s life is much more rewarding.”

From Coach to Precast
As a former college athlete and coach, Drew’s skillset as a leader and competitor have also made a positive impact on the ALP Supply team.

Drew’s patience, understanding and ability to quickly adapt to the conditions on the field, or the precast plant, makes him an asset to our customers.

Every day he educates our customers on the best possible purchasing habits to ensure they buy the correct materials, decrease unnecessary expenses and develop solutions to problems in the field.

Drew remains connected to the sport he loves as the head coach of a local high school and travel team.  The coaching connection pays dividends. “Developing and maintaining relationships whether it is with players or customers is something I take great pride in.”

Calling ALP Supply and hearing, “ALP Supply this is Drew,” you now have a concrete image of who you are interacting with and the assurance you are in the hands of an industry educated leader.

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