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We’re NPCA Compliance Certified! There is a great benefit in getting certified by the National Precast Concrete Association – read on to find out more!

To have products NPCA Certified means that the lifting and handling products have been manufactured and tested in accordance with the quality control plan established by the company (A.L. Patterson) and meets or exceeds OSHA 29 CFR 1926.704 when compared to the listed catalog rating for the lifting device. The certificate also certifies that each manufactured product can be related to a quality control plan that can be made available upon request.

The NPCA Certificate certifies our ALP Lifting Pin Anchors and Lift Eyes, ALP QUIKLIFT Anchors and Ring Clutches, ALP Utility Lift anchors, ALP Lift Loops, ALP R-Anchors and ALP Coil Inserts.

To obtain a copy of Patterson’s NPCA issued Certificate of Compliance, visit us on the web at www. and scroll to the bottom where you will find a link to our certificate under the NPCA logo.

NPCA also offers a Plant Certification that is the only program in the precast industry to be accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Plants that are NPCA Plant Certified meet the ANSI’s “requirements for openness balance, consensus, and due process and were developed in an environment that is equitable, accessible and responsive to the requirements of various stakeholders.” (

The NPCA Plant Certification provides recognition to plants that go above and beyond. It helps them to further stand out and essentially ensures the customer that they will receive quality work. When it comes to a NPCA certified plant that also uses NPCA certified products, the end results is sure to amaze and live up to expectation while following one standard of quality for the overall project.

To read more about NPCA Services like the Plant Certification, click here.