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After reading through the 2013 edition of the Architectural Precaster, we found The Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame in Natchitoches, Louisiana – and our jaws dropped! Talk about an awesome architectural design with precast! The foyer of the Museum was constructed with over 1,000 cast stone panels that were made to look like land shaped by ages of moving water. Specialty design consultants, Method Design, worked with the precast panel fabricator, Advanced Cast Stone, and specialty steel consultant David Kufferman P.E. to develop and a very specific steel support system that keeps all the panels in place with its own set of custom connections (  The precast panels range from 2ft. x 2ft. to more than 15 square feet and were installed in a very specific order to maintain the amazing design. The LA State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame sits on Front Street in the Historic District of Natchitoches and was rumored to cost $12.6 million.

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