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This is a three part video showing the wet setting installation of the Patterson™ QUIKLIFT™ DTA Anchor, removing of the QUIKLIFT™ DTA Recess Member and, finally, stripping of the precast concrete double tee from the form using the QUIKLIFT™ Ringclutch.

The QUIKLIFT™ 9 Ton DTA is designed for lifting of precast double tees and is recessed to eliminate the job site costs of removal associated with stand lifters. Its’ design utilizes a 3/4″ round bar with forged feet, similar to a DogBone. The orientation of the forged feet is the only difference between the QL3125 and QL3126 DTA options. The forged feet ensure proper engagement of the anchor in concrete and minimize inference with the prestressed strands. The round bar ensures a more even engagement of the ring clutch to the anchor in all loading directions (compared to square anchors). The QUIKLIFT™ DTA has three basic installation options: 1) double row outside, 2) double row inside and 3) single row stagger.

The DTA is available in plain or zinc chromate finishes and uses 8 Ton – 10 T QUIKLIFT™ Ring Clutch (QL003) and the DTA Plastic Recess Member (QL891). It is available in plain or zinc chromate finishes.

To learn more about our QUIKLIFT™ DTA, you can call us toll free at 1-800-332-7090 or visit us on the web at