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Sling Angle Load Factors For Face Lifting:
Oblique sling angles that are less than 90° will increase loads to the anchor. This factor MUST be considered when determining the proper anchor capacity, length and type. The load increases by a factor of two at a 30° sling angle. Angles that are less than 30° are not recommended and, if used, precautions must be taken to ensure that the anchor and rigging are not overloaded. The Sling Angle Load Table above illustrates the increase at various angles.

Concrete Strength Anchor Embedment Strength Adjustments
These factors are used to determine the increased embedment capacity of an anchor in tension at a higher or lower concrete strength. To maintain the required 4:1 factor of safety, the capacity increase used cannot exceed 25% of the ultimate mechanical capacity of the anchor. The increase cannot be used in shear conditions unless approved by the design engineer.

Concrete Strength Adjustment Factors (To Increase Anchor Capacity With Higher Strength Concrete)
Convert from 3,500 PSI to Higher PSI                          Multiply By
3,500 to 4,000                                                                            1.07
3,500 to 4,500                                                                            1.13
3,500 to 5,000                                                                            1.20
3,500 to 6,000                                                                           1.31

Convert from 3,500 PSI to Lower PSI                          Multiply By
3,500 to 3,000                                                                           0.93
3,500 to 2,500                                                                           0.85
3,500 to 2,000                                                                          0.76
3,500 to 1,000                                                                           0.65