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When we came across this video of Superior Walls being installed, we knew we had to share!

Superior Walls of America supplies precast concrete foundations that help builders accurately and quickly install wall panels to efficiently complete new home construction. They are an excellent example of precast concrete coming to the rescue by saving time and money. Construction crews are able to immediately start installing the precast foundation and quickly start on the first floor of the house.

As shown in the video, the basement walls are lifted into place as part of the foundation by precast accessories like lifting pin anchors and lifting pin lifting eyes. A sealant (like our Sikaflex 1A) is shown being applied to the joints so that the moisture is kept out of the basement foundation. In the video, you’ll also hear mention of concrete reinforcing fibers being used in the walls to help with the 5,000 psi concrete mix. We’re fans of that, too!

For more information on the different precast accessories used to lift and place Superior Walls, visit us on the web at or give us a call to discuss your next project: 1-800-332-7090.