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Patterson has been a top supplier in the precast/prestressed industry for over four decades.  After years of offering same day service, excellent customer interaction and supplying our growing customer base, it was time for Patterson to expand. CEO Barry Fleck wanted a building that exposed Patterson’s abiding dedication to the industry and precast was the answer.  In 2007, the new Patterson headquarters broke ground in the middle of winter to start the erection of its current 31,000 sq. ft. building. When it comes to precast, weather conditions are no barrier; the walls were up in less than two weeks. Built to environmental standards and constructed to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Deign) certified, nine years later the building is still maintenance free and its benefits are unchallenged.

Our precast building has a lot to show off and be proud about.  We didn’t just stop at retaining walls and prestressed insulated wall panels.  The building holds precast manholes, pipe, a 20,000 gallon holding tank for the sprinkler system, box culverts, precast steps, benches, and our BBQ cooking wall with thin-set brick detail (where all the famous ALP BBQ’s take place).  To put it briefly, our building is pretty cool, especially in the summer!